County Enterprise Awards 2017

Congratulations to TY team Cattlestop who won the senior Students County Enterprise Awards final 2017. These students will go onto represent St Geralds College in the National Finals in Croke Park on May 3rd. The team is made up of Conor O Brien, Mark Walsh, Niall Walsh, Micheal Kilcoyne and Joe Howley.

Central Bank of Ireland

Central Bank Functions

Useful video explaining the role of the Central Bank under Governor Lane.

Suspense Accounts

The following video is a good revision of Suspense Accounts for Leaving Certificate Accounting.

Thanks to EGS Accountancy.

Inflation Revision-ECB close to its 2% inflation target

EMU Interactive Inflation Graph



Inflation Revision questions  preparation 

1. Causes of Inflation- demand-pull, cost-push, Govt induced, imported inflation(trade)

2. Economic affects of rising inflation on Irish economy – employment, savings, balance of payments, standard of living.

3. Calculation of Simple Index and Composite price index- steps

4. View current rates above.

SGC Open Evening 2017

What is the Price Earnings Ratio?

Read the following article from Rubicoin that explains the PE ratio.

Marginal Costing – Revision

Now that we have finished revising Marginal Costing, here is a solution to a full question from Accounting at NUI Galway.

Watch other videos of LC Accounting questions and solutions from Accounting in NUI Galway.

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