Enterprise Presentation Provides Great Insight to 5th year Business Class

Introduction: On Tuesday the 24th of November, Mr John Magee from the LEO (Local Enterprise Office) in Mayo came into our 5th year Business class to give a presentation on Enterprise and the work that he does as part of his role with the Mayo LEO.

Ms Flynn invited Mr Magee in to speak to our class as we have just completed the Enterprise unit as part of our study of the Leaving Cert Business course. Ms Flynn thought that listening to someone with expertise in the area of enterprise would benefit us and give the class a greater understanding of the Enterprise unit on our Business course.

Main Body: Mr Magee gave a very informative and interesting presentation which was met with all round positive feedback from the entire class. He explained that his role as part of the LEO was centered around encouraging entrepreneurship from a young age and helping business-owners grow and develop their business within Mayo. This is very important to the economy in Mayo as enterprise is essential to job creation in the county and if a business feels that it needs to leave Mayo to expand then we are losing jobs that could have belonged to people in Mayo.

Mr Magee also revealed that there are over 3,000 businesses in Mayo which I found to be an interesting statistic as I wouldn’t have thought there would be so many. Most of these are single person businesses (carpenters, plumbers etc.). Among other interesting points that Mr Magee detailed was that approximately 50% of people that have met with him to discuss a business idea, have went on to start-up their own business. He revealed, unsurprisingly, that tourism is by far the biggest industry in Mayo, with the manufacturing industry being the 2nd biggest at the moment. We were also given some wise advice on what to do if we did think of a business idea.

The advice was, if we had thought of a business idea and weren’t too sure whether we should act on the idea, we should eat the frog (no frogs were harmed during the presentation….). This meant we shouldn’t procrastinate and should pursue the business idea, firstly get advice from someone like John that can point you in the right direction. The advice was based on a motivational book called ‘Eat That Frog’ by Brian Tracy.

Conclusion: Our class is very appreciative of John taking the time out of his schedule to come and talk to us. His knowledge and advice will no doubt prove to be invaluable to us, as we continue our studies of Business in preparation for the Leaving Cert, and also later on in life if any of us decide to eat the frog and take a leap into the world of entrepreneurship.

Written By: Dylan McHugh , 5th year Business Student



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