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JC & LC Christmas Exam Timetables

The LC Accounting Exam will take place on Monday November 19th in the Library. Download the full JC and LC Christmas Exam timetables below.

JC Christmas Exams 2012

LC Christmas Exams 2012

Q.7 2004 LC HL – Suspense Accounts

Here is the solution to last night’s Question on Suspense Accounts.

LC 2006 OL – Departmental Accounts

Accounting Quiz I

Here’s a short online test on everything we have covered since January.
Could you complete this before our next class on Tuesday?

Click here to take the test.

5th Year Accounting

Here is the solution to your mid-term test.

Did your Balance Sheet balance?

Any questions – add them to the Comments or email mrhannon [at] geralds [dot] ie

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