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New Stock Market Competition

Well done to Fifth Year students, Darragh Cuddy and Shane Reilly, who have just set up a private game on a virtual stock exchange website. They are making this game open to all students in St. Gerald’s.

All you haveĀ to do is set up an account which only requires an e-mail address and join the game. It’s a pretty easy site to use. The game runs from tonight until New Year’s Eve and each player get $1,000,000 to start off with and can join anytime from now until then.

To take part in the competition:

Game ID:CastlebarĀ  (this is case-sensitive)
Game Password: The password has been changed. Email vse [at] geralds [dot] ie to get the new password.

You should take part in the competition. It’s a great way to test your stock trading skills.

Go to the the VSE website and register and then join the game.

I have joined the game myself. I am trading under the name buffet101.

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