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We are all aware of blogs, RSS, social bookmarking and social networking sites. This is all part of Web 2.0

This has now been applied to stock market investing by

Covestor is a site that allows you to track the stock portfolios and trading strategies of successful stock market investors. You can compare how your stocks perform compared to other investors and funds.

Here are the Top Ten investors on the site as of October 1st:

  1. TimothySykes
  2. rglantz57
  3. kusumo
  4. tbohen
  5. AdamN
  6. Woodshedder
  7. JohnCA
  8. Mindzio
  9. mtollefsen
  10. YngvaiMalmsteve

The above list is from Stock Trading To Go – another site worth looking at if you would like to learn more about stock trading.

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