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Unemployment figures on the way down

See link from Irish independent ( figures released from CSO).


Money in- Money out

The money that Ireland needs for 2014:

€6.8bn– meet bond redemption- in other words to repay investors who loaned us money and whose loans have matured.

€9.6bn– to fund exchequer borrowing- to bridge the gap between spending and revenue next year for the State.

€0.5bn– to replace the bonds which the CB has to sell as part of the promissory note deal.

TOTAL €16.9 bn.

Where it might come from??

€10.7bn reducing the states cash pile which will be more than €20bn at the end of this year.

A bit more than €6bn to be raised???

Sunday Business Post 10/11/13

The EU and the Euro

Economics Online Quiz

Here is a short online test on the Economics section of JC Business Studies.

Click here to take the test.

You will get your score and report at the end of the test.

This will help you revise for your Business Studies Mock Exam next week.


Budget 2012

Here’s a summary of Budget 2012. Thanks to Ms. Casey.

Questions for George Lee

George Lee TDAs we discussed in class today, we are looking for your questions for George Lee TD who will be in Castlebar on Monday September 28th.

You can submit any questions you have by leaving a comment on this post or you can email them to mrhannon [at] geralds [dot] ie

Once all the questions have been submitted I will be forwarding them on to Shane in LC Business and they will be summarised here on the blog.

So, what’s your question for George?


Here is the list of questions for George Lee from LC Business.

  • What career advice would you give to a present LC student?
  • What is your opinion of NAMA? Would you make any changes to it?
  • What are the implications for Ireland from accepting or rejecting the Lisbon Treaty?
  • When do you think the current recession will end?
  • Would Fine Gael make any changes to the education system?
  • What are the chances of a general election in the next few months?
  • What do you believe will be the biggest growth area in Irish business in the next 10 years?
  • Do you have any regrets since leaving RTE?
  • Describe your typical daily routine since becoming a TD.
  • What incentives will Fine Gael put in place in order to get the general public spending again?
  • How would a Fine Gael led government reduce the national debt?
  • What actions will you take to reduce the live register?
  • Would you make any changes to PAYE or PRSI?

We look forward to George’s answers on Monday.

Why study Economics?

EconomistsGood article in today’s Irish Independent on the benefits of studying Economics and the career options you have.

Read the full article.

Take a look as well at and watch some videos of past and present students and see what jobs economics graduates get.

LC Economics Exam 2008

Post your comments on what you thought of this year’s exam paper.

What did you think of it?
Any question you found difficult?
Did you need more time in the exam?

Just click on Comments at the top of this post.

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