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2009 Rich List

Bill GatesForbes have published their 2009 Rich List. This year’s list sees Bill Gates (or William Gates III) return to pole position as the world’s richest man.

The 2009 list of the world’s top billionaires shows how their fortunes have decreased (in some cases substantially) due to the global recession and the collapse in world stock markets. Warren Buffett’s wealth has fallen by $25bn.

Last year the world had 1,125 billionaires. Today there are 793 and $1.4trillion has disappeared since last year’s list.

Read the list of The World’s Billionaires.

Ireland’s richest man is telecommunications businessman Denis O’Brien with a wealth of $2.2bn which places him in 305th position.  According to Forbes, Seán Quinn who was Ireland’s richest man in 2008 has lost $4.5bn of his wealth in the last 12 months.


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