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What is Management Accounting?

Now that we have started Section 3 of the Accounting course, have a look at the following video that explains what management or managerial accounting is and the difference between financial accounting and management accounting.

Interview with Tesco Manager

Click here to download the full interview with the manager of a Tesco store.

Find out what’s involved in managing a busy Tesco store. What qualities do Tesco look for when recruiting employees? Why is customer service important?

This interview was carried out by Mr. Naughton.

U2 can be a good manager

U2As well as their highly successful music career, U2 are now regarded as an excellent example of effective management.

The Dublin rockers are now regarded as models of “innovative management, personal creativity and a global mindset”.

Read the full article from The Irish Independent.

Why are they good managers? Do you agree?

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