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4A4 Stock Competition Winner!

Congrats to Robert Comer (4A4) on winning the Stock Competition in Module 1 with a total profit of $133,779 (a return of 13.78% in just 6 weeks).

There were some big changes on the leaderboard in the last few days of trading due to volatility in world stock markets.

In order to see how well you have done, you can compare your total return to the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Our competition started on 15/09 and ended on 27/10. During that period, the Dow Jones increased by 8.55%

You should compare your percentage total return to this 8.55%.  Both Robert and Ronan Jennings had a total return that beat the Dow Jones. The majority of professional traders do not achieve this!

I hope you enjoyed the module. There will be a school Stock Competition next term (with prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd), so keep checking for more details.

What did you think of the stock competition? Post your opinions in the Comments section on this post.


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